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Saving Energy, Saving Money


Energy Rebates and Incentives

Energy providers and local organizations offer residential energy rebates and incentives, so you can lower your energy bills and help our community be more energy efficient. 

The Monroe County Energy Challenge (MCEC) was created in 2014 as a participant in a nation-wide community energy reduction competition. The nation-wide challenge is over, but we're as committed as ever to helping families, businesses, schools, institutions, and others in our community reduce their energy usage and costs and to become more energy literate.

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Small Business Energy Savings

Find out how your small business can reduce its energy use and costs through partner programs that offer energy conservation upgrades at significantly reduced costs. 

Solar, Wind, and Watts Roadshow

Learn about how we harness the leadership skills of high school students to teach curious elementary schoolers topics on energy and conservation. 

We Want to Hear from You!

Are you looking for a way to reduce your energy consumption? Contact us to discover how we can work with each other to achieve your goals!

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