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Event Request

Let the Energy Challenge come to you! MCEC's mobile energy lab activities are designed to help local residents receive hands-on education in renewable energy resources and home energy conservation. We can bring our EnergyBus -- our energy lab on wheels -- or activities for a booth at your next community event!

Our educational EnergyBus and tabling demonstrations include:

  • Working wind turbine: Watch how wind generates the electricity to turn on a model neighborhood's lights. 

  • Solar car racetrack: Use LED lights to race the solar panel cars to the finish line!

  • Working solar panel: See the design of a solar panel up close. 

  • Lightbulb watt display: Compare the watt usage of incandescent, CFL, and LED light bulbs to find out which one uses the least amount of energy!

  • EnergyBike: Pedal our kid-friendly EnergyBike to produce your own electricity and see how quickly you can turn on different types of lightbulbs.

  • Energy Bike 2.0: Pedaling our larger version of the EnergyBike will operate an attached blender -- perfect for making smoothies! 

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