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Small Business Energy Saver Program

Local businesses can drastically increase the efficiency and quality of lighting in their spaces at an affordable rate by taking advantage of the Small Business Energy Saver (SBES) Program. Depending on the amount of estimated savings, Duke Energy will pay for up to 80% of the upgrades (the average cost Duke has paid in the program to date is over 55%). 

To qualify for the program, the account must average a demand of 100 kW or less annually. Businesses can sign up for a free, no-obligation audit, where they will learn what the proposed conservation measures are, the cost of these measurements, and the amount Duke will pay for up front. The savings are so great that businesses normally see the project pay for itself in less than two years!

Visit the Duke Energy SBES Program website today to learn more and sign up for a free audit. 

Does Your Business Qualify?

Any commercial Duke Energy account with an annual average demand of under 100 kW qualifies for the SBES program. 

Unsure if you meet this threshold? Call Duke to find out what your average annual demand is (most small businesses will have a demand lower than 100 kW). 

You can also look on the front page of your Duke bill to see what your current month's demand is. For reference, the area circled in red in the image below shows that the demand for this billing period was 66.9 kW.  

The program's100 kW max is for your business's 12 month average, so a single month may not be representative of this. You can call Duke to easily find out if you qualify!