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Solar Resources

Looking to convert your home or business to solar power? Local resources and programs are available to assist you in your support of renewable energy. 

Solar Indiana Renewable Energy (SIREN)

SIREN started in 2008 as an independent, volunteer-run group formed as a project of the Center for Sustainable Living. SIREN focuses on promoting solar power---including photovoltaic systems, solar water heaters, and space heaters for homes, businesses, churches, governmental buildings, and schools. Since 2017, SIREN has partnered with the City of Bloomington to organize its Solarize Bloomington program, helping more than 180 homeowners install over 1.2 megawatts of solar capacity by the end of 2018. 

SIREN currently presents free Going Solar programs at libraries, churches, and civic groups. Visit their website at 

https://www.sirensolar.org/ for upcoming events and more information. 

Solarize Bloomington

In partnership with SIREN in 2017, the City of Bloomington launched an effort to diversify the energy supply of its own facilities and offered a group-buy discount to encourage city and county residents to join. To date, 184 homeowners have installed over 1.2 MW of solar capacity through the program. A map of all solar installations in Monroe County is available through SIREN's website. 

In its effort to diversify its own energy use, the City of Bloomington has installed solar PV at 30 locations that will provide an estimated 2.8 MW of solar capacity to municipal operations. A map and details of all City solar installations are available through the City B Clear Data Portal, and current and past renewable electricity generation is viewable on the City's online solar dashboard

To access the Solarize Bloomington 2019 Signup form and to learn more about the program, visit https://bloomington.in.gov/sustainability/solarize.

Indiana Solar For All (ISFA)

ISFA is an initiative of the Center for Sustainable Living that began as a by-product of SIREN. ISFA identifies and qualifies households to receive donated materials or materials at a reduced cost in return for fulfilling a volunteer labor commitment to install solar systems for themselves and other members of their group. As part of the 2018 Solarize Bloomington campaign, ISFA selected eight households to each receive a ten-panel, 3 kilowatt solar system.

ISFA also welcomes volunteers to help with duties including solar system installation, roof assessments, home energy audits, weatherization, and fundraising, among others. 

To learn more, get involved, or see if you qualify for a free or reduced home solar system, visit ISFA's website at https://insfa.org/